OTCBTC Security-vulnerabilities and Threat-intelligence Bounty Programme

Table of Contents

Scope of Business

OTCBTC OTC Market https://otcbtc.com/

OTCBTC Crypto Exchange Market https://bb.otcbtc.com/exchange/markets

OTCBTC Crypto Exchange Market Lite https://bb.otcbtc.com/markets/

OTCBTC APP https://otcbtc.com/app

OTCBTC API https://github.com/otcbtc/otcbtc-exchange-api-doc

Vulnerabilities and smart contract issues related to OTCBTC-supported tokens https://otcbtc.com/fee#schedule

OTCBTC mailbox, server, etc

Processing Flow

Reporting Stage

The reporter visits "SlowMist Zone" website and goes to "Submit Bug Bounty" (URL:https://slowmist.io/en/bug-bounty.html) to submit a threat intelligence. (Status: to be review)

Processing Stage

1. Within one working day, the SlowMist Security Team will confirm the threat intelligence report from the "SlowMist Zone", follow up, evaluate the problem, and feed the intelligence back to the OTCBTC contact person in the meantime (status: under review).

2. Within three working days, the OTCBTC technical team will deal with the problem, draw conclusions and record points (status: confirmed / ignored). They will communicate with the reporter if necessary, and ask the reporter for assistance.

Repairing Stage

1. The OTCBTC business department shall repair the security problems in the threat intelligence and update online (status: repaired). The repairing timeframe depends on the problem severity and the repair difficulty. Generally speaking, it is within 24 hours for the critical and high-risk problems, within 3 working days for the medium-risk problems, and within 7 working days for the low-risk problems. The App security issue is limited by the version release, and the repairing timeframe is on a case-by-case basis.

2. The reporter will review whether the security problem has been repaired (Status: reviewed/reviewed with objection).

3. After the reporter confirms that the security problem is repaired, the OTCBTC technical team will inform the SlowMist Security Team of the conclusion and the vulnerability score. They will issue rewards with the SlowMist Security Team (status: completed).

Vulnerability Level and Reward Standards

Level OTCBTC Reward SlowMist Zone Reward*
Critical 12 ~ 20 ETH 512 SLOWMIST
High 8 ~ 12 ETH 256 SLOWMIST
Medium 3 ~ 8 ETH 100 SLOWMIST
Low 0.5 ~ 3 ETH 32 SLOWMIST

*SLOWMIST is Ethereum ERC20 Token, the ecological incentive token for the SlowMist Zone.

Critical Vulnerabilities

A critical vulnerability refers to the vulnerability occurs in the core business system (the core control system, field control, business distribution system, fortress machine and other control systems that can manage a large number of systems). It can cause a severe impact, gain business system control access (depending on the actual situation), gain core system management staff access, and even control the core system.

It is including but not limited to:

High-risk Vulnerabilities

Medium-risk Vulnerabilities

Low-risk Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities that are not accepted at the moment (even if such a vulnerability is submitted, it will be ignored)

Prohibited behaviors

Special thanks to The xianzhi vulnerability classification criteria referred here.